SData quick start (sdata)

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First step : Create a simple application

In the Administation tool

  • Create an empty Application with the system module
  • Create a Folder for this application with an associate data base, add your user to the autorized user list

You can now log in the application

Second setp : Create a basic model

A typical sdata application contains a persistent entity model and a sdata Contract which expose this model.

  • Create a new package of type "Paquet de classe métier", this package will be your entity model
  • Add model elements to this package : enumerations, classes, ....
  • Create a new package of type "Paquet de service local", this package will be your sdata Contract
  • In the contract field enter the sdata Contract name
  • In the domaine enter the sdata contract URI, typically this is the same URI as the packet.
  • In the service package add views for your entity, select "Classe entité de service local" as the view stereotype. You can add properties with the "Importer les attributs de la classe de base" button

You have now a basic model with its associate sdata Contract

Third step : Enter basic datas

If your model uses currency you have to define some framework objects :

  • Some currencies, you need at least the account currency (euro in Europe, iso code EUR)
Use the data explorer, select Framework classes and "Devise", add the needed currencies
  • Some system parameter : DeviseTC and DeviseRP
Use the data explorer, sleect Framework classes and "Paramètre systeme", add the two object with code DeviseTC and DeviseRP and value the account currency iso code you just added.

After that you have working monetary types and you wan create simple set of datas for your model entities.

Four step : Set up a service for your application

  • In your serverl1000.ini add entry for your application, this example is a simple entry
[\SOFTWARE\Sage\Ligne 1000\Administration\Servers\SYFRE]
Master Profil=dbMasterTahoe
Server Societies=Test Syfre iPhone
Server Application=Test Syfre IPhone
Server User=syfre
Server Password=
Public Folder=D:\Mes documents\Server\
BP Started=1
Automate Started=0
DEBUGGER Started=1
DEBUGGER Users=toto,titi

sdata requires to expose end points in the service registry, end point defines contracts and dataset which are serviced by the Service.

To defines these end points you need a SData section, this example defines a end point for a ndfContract on a iphone dataset :

[\SOFTWARE\Sage\Ligne 1000\Administration\Servers\SYFRE\SData\1]
Title=syfre iphone
Folder=Test Syfre iPhone

You can now start your service and test sdata access using any browser :

Show contract list :

Show dataset list for a contract :

Show entity list for a contract in a dataset

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